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About OrganizedMultiPlaneSegmentation

Kenta Imai
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Hi, I am Kenta Imai.

I'm a student of tsukuba University in Japan.

I have used sample of OrganizedMultiPlaneSegmentation(a part of this
program is shown below), this operated 0.5 fps.

I think this program is real-time operating.

I used intel R200 for RGB-D camera and CPU:intel core i7.

Why I can't do real-time.

part of program of OrganizedMultiPlaneSegmentation.

// Segment planes
pcl::OrganizedMultiPlaneSegmentation< PointT, pcl::Normal, pcl::Label >
mps.setMinInliers (10000);
mps.setAngularThreshold (0.017453 * 2.0); // 2 degrees
mps.setDistanceThreshold (0.02); // 2cm
mps.setInputNormals (normal_cloud);
mps.setInputCloud (cloud);
std::vector< pcl::PlanarRegion< PointT > > regions;
mps.segmentAndRefine (regions);

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Re: About OrganizedMultiPlaneSegmentation

Hi, Imai,

 First of all, I think it's more appropriate to post this kind of question
on pcl-users.org.
 To your question, have you tried to compile your code in release mode?
AFAIK, it'd be huge difference in performance between debug mode and release

Peter Han

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