Feature detection-based localization

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Feature detection-based localization

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I'm new on using PCL lib. So forgive me for any misunderstanding on this libs.
First of all, i work on a project which detect location on binary image without initial position. The idea is find corresponding image between "map" (which is predefined user input) and sensor result (in this case i use image from RpLIDAR 360 degree laser scanner result)

Is there any algorithm recommendation to do this? The second image only contain some parts of the first one.

I'm using OpenCV2.4.11 before and work on raspberry-pi2. So can someone help me out to understand this libs?
1. can raspberry pi support PCL?
2. what language support PCL? (because I'm familiar with c++)
any suggestion will be appreciated

here's some image of what i achieve so far using OpenCV

wrong detection
wrong detection

expected result