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GPU people Training data generation 'DataSynth'

Hi All,

     Does some one know DataSynth

     I had managed to compile and run it in Windows.

     However, when I am looking into the 'source.cpp' in project 'BVHtoRGBD'.
     The result of mesh vertex points image is like image as below (orange is 'head').

     While the pose should be something like the image as:

     The problem maybe wrong method of cacluate world transform for exported vertices from Blender.

     When I apply the transforms computed by 'computeTTis' in libBVH to the bvh joint world positions, the    results are correct.

     It seems to be a wrong calculation by 'transformMesh_smooth'  in libBVH for getting the world vertex points or my fault somewhere.

     Does someone know how to render images using 'BVHtoRGBD' in 'DataSynth'?