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PCL NVCS starts today!

Radu B. Rusu
PCL-NVCS is ready to start! The sprint will cover 3D algorithmic work for human body recognition, deformable object
modeling, and real-time visualization on Tegra3 platforms. Here's a list of the PCL developers working on the sprint:

 * Pat Marion, a member of the scientific visualization group at Kitware, will be working on point cloud streaming to
Tegra3 devices for mobile visualization. Pat brings in years of experience by having had worked on large 3D
visualization engines such as VTK, ParaView, and VES.

 * Koen Buys from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, will be working on human body tracking from point cloud data. Koen is
already a PCL developer and has been working on body tracking using GPUs as part of his doctoral research.

  * Martin Saelzle from Technische Universitaet Muenchen, will be working on deformable object modeling for PCL. Martin
acquired extensive experience in point cloud registration using Kinect sensors while working in Prof. Nassir Navab's
group at TUM.

We would like to thank all the other candidates for their excellent proposals! We already started following up with each
of them individually, as there are many more sprints to come!

[Note: the new blogging page for NVCS will be up within the next few days at http://pointclouds.org/blog/nvcs/.]

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