PCL builds against LGPL features of Eigen, is this ok?

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PCL builds against LGPL features of Eigen, is this ok?

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I can't decide whether this is a developer or user issue (if it is an issue at all).

The segmentation module uses SimplicialCholesky from Eigen. According to the Eigen website here that component is LGPL only, quote:

Note that currently, a few features rely on third-party code licensed under the LGPL: SimplicialCholesky, AMD ordering, and constrained_cg. Such features can be explicitly disabled by compiling with the EIGEN_MPL2_ONLY preprocessor symbol defined. Furthermore, Eigen provides interface classes for various third-party libraries (usually recognizable by the <Eigen/*Support> header name). Of course you have to mind the license of the so-included library when using them.

As expected, building PCL using the EIGEN_MPL2_ONLY symbol will result in compilation errors.

This isn't a gigantic issue for commercial reuse provided PCL is linked against dynamically, but the note on the About page references only the BSD license and doesnt discuss license restrictions on any 3rd party component (though I assume Eigen is an isolated case).

Is there any chance that:
a) A statement warning users of LGPL components could be put on the website.
b) That the offending non-BSD compatible components could be toggled off at build time?