PointCloud to RangeImage back and forth - API modification ?

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PointCloud to RangeImage back and forth - API modification ?

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I have been working on an pair of rosnodes that simply convert a pointcloud to a rangeimage (and then a simple gray-lvl image) on one side and convert it back to poincloud on the other side.

I could not get the original pointcloud back until I digged a bit into RangeImage class and realise that of course I have different values for the members
 on each side.

So as for now I can retrieve them on the server side through the 'getter' functions publish them somehow on the network, get them on the client side and finally set them.
However a solution that self-embed this information would be much preferable e.g. retrieving the full image rather than a cropped one.

So I'm posting to ask what would be the ideal solution, removing the image cropping from
 and let the user call it later or adding a boolean argument for calling or not the cropping or even a new function such as
What do you guys prefer ? Or if anyone as another solution to propose ?

Thanks for reading !