Segmentation fault while computing SHOT feature

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Segmentation fault while computing SHOT feature

siddharth srivastava

I am trying to compute SHOT descriptor using the code from 3D
correspondence tutorial [1] and the code gives segmentation fault
while computing the descriptor. I have also tried extracting shot
descriptors using other PCD models, and encountered the same error.
The SHOT descriptor used to work with PCL-1.7, but seems to be broken
in PCL-1.8 (or is it something else) ?

I have built pcl-1.8 from source on ubuntu 16.04. Following function
is giving the segmentation fault (line 246:of [1])

descr_est.compute (*model_descriptors);

I am using the default PCD files supplied with the tutorial. I have also checked
that there are no NaNs in the computed normals.

Can anyone suggest on where could be the problem ?


Siddharth Srivastava
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