Supervoxel connections are not added to the viewer

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Supervoxel connections are not added to the viewer

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I am running the following point cloud library supervoxel example with the recommended "milk_cartoon_all_small.pcd" file and I get the following error :
it does not show the supervoxel connection.

When I test the same algorithm with the same  cloud file this code seems to work and it generates supervoxels ,I save the supervoxel connection as mesh structure in ply file and show in MeshLab but it doesn't show the star mesh connecting supervolxels as it should:

I don't understand where there  be a problem like this, I would like to know how prevent this situation.It's there something wrong with the code or data? How can I slove it?

I am working in visual express 2010 and everything is configured for X64 bits in both release and debug mode. My computer is running windows 7 x64 OS.And I use PCL 1.8.The supervoxel code I use is: