Velodyne mesh construction

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Velodyne mesh construction

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Hello everyone!

In the past few days, I have been trying to make a mesh directly from the Velodyne's returning points. I have learned how to use HDL-Grabber so far.

I have found that I could extend the class MeshConstruction for what I would want next( although I don't need any KSearch trees) but I do not understand a few things inside it, even after I have read the code comments and the documentation:

1. What are PointIndices? Do I need them if I work with the HDL Velodyne? Why are they so useful?

2. What is the actual Data Structure used to represent the Mesh vertices and edges?( This is also not clear. I imagine the Mesh is actually a graph) I would also want to be able to output the Mesh.

3. Should I convert the computed Mesh to a PolygonalMesh and output afterwards? Is there any other way to output the Mesh without using PolygonalMesh as an intermediate object?