Very large point cloud data set

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Very large point cloud data set

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Hi there,

I have been looking at the PCL library for viewing very large date set 50 M points or more.

I have come across the "OctreePointCloudCompression" which is really nice with the manual profile configuration. I think, this is very useful in rendering based on the camera view/ scale ... etc one can manually configure the profile and have a good compressed point cloud that can be used for rendering and/or viewing.

The issue that I am having is I could not find a way to read only small chunks of the PCD file and feed the read points to the "OctreePointCloudCompression' and repeat till the end of the PCD file. This way we don't need to read the whole PCD file in memory, which might not fit for very large dataset. Could anyone please point me if this can be done in the PCL library?

Best regards,